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The Austin Huns are one of many rugby teams located in Austin. (Austin Huns/Facebook)

Tired of football and futbol? Austin may have waited until 2021 to secure its first major-league professional team, but it's still packed with weird and wonderful teams of every sport to cheer on.

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The Baltimore Ravens' Justin Tucker, a UT alum, set the NFL record for longest field goal on Sunday. (Baltimore Ravens/Twitter)

It's not often that NFL kickers attempt a 60-yard-plus field goal, and it's even rarer to actually make it in. Not so for former Longhorn Justin Tucker; the Baltimore Ravens kicker managed both Sunday night as he booted in buzzer-beating 66-yard field goal to set a new NFL record and beat the Detroit Lions 19-17.

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The University of Texas at Austin welcomed more incoming freshmen than ever before, with 9,060 new Longhorns, thanks to the rise of on-time graduations allowing the university to admit more undergraduates.

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The Longhorn Band played its school alma mater at Texas' first football game just after the NAACP filed a complaint against the school's support for its song. (Texas Longhorns/Twitter)

In the latest play on the "Eyes of Texas" chessboard, the NAACP of Texas, its University of Texas chapter and five anonymous UT students have filed a civil rights complaint against the school for creating a "hostile environment" for Black students as the school continues to back its controversial alma mater.

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