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(Micklethwait Craft Meats/Facebook)

You've moved to Austin, learned where to find the best views, best day trips and how to be the best Austinite. Next, kick off your Austin experience by trying the best barbecue spots in town. Besides, there's nothing more Texan than a good ol' barbecue joint.

We're not recommending you try all of these barbecue joints around town, but how will you know which one is your favorite?

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(Texas Parks & Wildlife Department)

Home to the Cathedral of Junk, Eeyore's Birthday Bash, Dirty Sixth and the Museum of the Weird, the Texas capital has earned its slogan, "Keep Austin Weird," which was coined by late native Red Wassenich in 2000.

The pandemic has temporarily closed some of these strange attractions, but the city's weirdness lives on. For new arrivals who are looking to understand Austin better, here is a field guide to some of the city's idiosyncrasies.

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(Stuart Seeger/CC)

So you've just moved to Austin, in the heart of Central Texas, and you can't get out of the state without driving eight hours in any given direction. Are your road trips ruined?

Absolutely not. In fact, they're just getting started.

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(Jordan Vonderhaar/Austonia)

People are often drawn to Austin because of things like job or housing opportunities, however, it's the city's deep connection with the nature surrounding it that keeps them here.

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