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(Larry D. Moore/CC)

The past year was a whirlwind of a year and one that has given Austinites plenty of time to think and reflect on how they want 2021 to look. With only so much we can do, New Tear's resolutions are a traditional way to set goals and improve yourself. With a rocky start to 2021, maybe you fell behind in your new year planning. This is the perfect time to infuse the new year with good changes to yourself and the area around you.

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(Christa McWhirter)

Trump supporters gather in front of the Texas Capitol while the U.S. Capitol building was breached.

While 2020 gave us at least two weeks of relative sanity before COVID-19 struck, 2021 started out in utter chaos.

Despite New Year's Day being relatively quiet for the American people, a break from the madness would turn out to be short lived. Here's a look at what the new year has brought so far:

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