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The 144th pilot cadet class, shown above, is the most diverse in Austin Police Department history. (Joseph Chacon/Twitter)

The 144th police cadet class kicked off Monday, with 100 members and a reimagined curriculum after Austin City Council raised concerns about the training academy's paramilitary culture and high attrition rates. It's also the most diverse class ever.

"That is what we were striving for," Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon said during a press conference Wednesday. "We were actively recruiting minorities because we need for our department to reflect the community that it serves."

So does this class reflect Austin's population? Here's how it stacks up across race, ethnic and gender lines.

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Austin police announced the arrest of David Olmos, who confessed to a series of 10 armed robberies, on Friday. (Austin Police Department)

The Austin Police Department announced the arrest of David Olmos, 34, who confessed to a series of 10 armed robberies around Austin, on Friday.

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Gov. Greg Abbott has said he'll sign a law allowing permitless carry in Texas on Monday, the last day of the regular legislative session.

If Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs a bill allowing permitless carry on Monday, as he has promised to do, Texas will join 19 states that don't require a permit to carry holstered handguns.

The bill has been celebrated by "constitutional carry" proponents, but some law enforcement agencies and other public officials worry about the risks to public safety amid already-increasing violent crime across the state.

Here are answers to five questions about what will change once permitless carry is enacted.

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Seventy-seven potential Austin Police Department cadets attended orientation on Monday. (Joseph Chacon/Twitter)

Drew Daniels, 23, has checked the Austin Police Department website every day since last October in search of a job opening. The training academy has been on hiatus for nearly a year due to concerns about its curriculum and training methods. A pilot class is set to start June 7, but Daniels didn't have time to relocate to Austin on such short notice. "Now I have to wait again," he told Austonia.

Despite what the International Association of Chiefs of Police calls a crisis of recruiting and the public reckoning prompted by George Floyd's murder last May, local criminal justice professors say student interest in policing remains steady. In fact, recent events may have strengthened interest among prospective police officers, who see themselves as a force for good.

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