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Astrology: Libra season starts Friday. Find out how it looks for you.

This Libra season has a strong theme of preparatory organizing and bringing things into harmony, getting us ready for the descent into a somewhat intense Fall and Winter, which will really kick off with Eclipse season in Scorpio.

The Scales as a symbol of clear judgment, precise equilibrium, and powerful poise can be helpful in guiding us through this process, although this is definitely not static - rather, a continual process of readjustment, especially because Mercury will be finishing their retrograde in the nearly mechanical Virgo. Thinking through things in nearly mathematical manners could be quite helpful, even if what is being measured might be subtle. This fall we’ll have a long trine between Mars and Saturn, which can be very supportive for hard work, but this same grinding effort can actually be structurally damaging or lead to burnout without alignment. Thus, this month emphasizes a lot more finesse in finding our way into the flow.

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