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Texas linebacker Bijan Robinson came out with his own NFT trading card. The USMNT also came out with an NFT by an Austin artist.

When Texas and the NCAA passed a bill allowing college athletes to profit off their names and likenesses this summer, Longhorn athletes joined professional teams and athletes by stepping into the growing NFT scene.
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Silicon Hills is a former nickname for Austin that soon fell out of favor. (Laura Figi/Austonia)

The Austin tech scene continues to explode— the city is a leader in crypto, Oracle and Tesla are relocating from California, and accelerators like Capital Factory continue to foster growth.

Before transplant Elon Musk dubbed the city a "boomtown," a nickname had already emerged: "Silicon Hills". But the name, a mesh of the Bay Area's "Silicon Valley" moniker and a reference to West Austin's Hill Country landscape—hasn't sat well with some.

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(Pexels file photo)

Austin's tech scene continues to make headlines, especially as the "boomtown" sees Silicon Valley strongholds relocate to the city. But will the sometimes-toxic "tech bro" scene—one which has historically intentionally worked to leave out women and minorities—come as a package deal?

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Austin rent prices have recovered—and then some—as the metro saw a higher rent increase than any other U.S. tech hub this year. (Margaret Moser Plaza)

Big tech means big rents for Austin as residents face high prices after a brief dip from the pandemic.

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