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Trina Peck, James Ortiz and Aneesh Dhawan are Gen Zers pursuing their passions in Austin.

What do a cosmetology student from Idaho, a DJ from Houston and a Virginian startup CEO have in common?

Like thousands of others, they're part of a swarm of young people who wound up soul-searching in Austin—and as Gen Zers, they're all part of a new generation known for its social media savviness, focus on diversity and social issues and a rejection of traditional workplace norms.

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A new app is pairing Austinites together based on their astrological compatibility. (Pexels file photo)

If you turn to astrology to guide your love life, you're not alone. About 45% of people who are looking for their soul connection consider astrological signs when swiping and a new Austin-based app is making it even easier.

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(Pexels file photo)

Austin's tech scene continues to make headlines, especially as the "boomtown" sees Silicon Valley strongholds relocate to the city. But will the sometimes-toxic "tech bro" scene—one which has historically intentionally worked to leave out women and minorities—come as a package deal?

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