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As fall progresses, Texas public school superintendents are realizing that virtual instruction simply is not working for thousands of students across the state.

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Austin-area company Hyliion rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange this week in recognition of going public.

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McCombs Professor Steve Limberg teaches in a studio while his hologram appears in a classroom, where masked students are sat socially distanced.

Like Tupac at Coachella, one professor at the McCombs School of Business is beamed as a hologram before his audience.

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Austin-based dating and networking app Bumble, which was founded in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Herd, is reportedly considering an IPO.

Bumble, the Austin-based dating and networking app, is reportedly considering a multi-billion-dollar initial public offering that could come early next year, according to a report by Bloomberg.
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Dr. Patrick J. Crocker is former chief of emergency medicine at Brackenridge Hospital and Dell Children's Medical Center. He also is the author of "More Letters from the Pit: Stories of a Physician's Odyssey in Emergency Medicine," coming this spring. Austonia.com's Rich Oppel spoke with him recently.

Q: Dr. Crocker, when the H1N1 epidemic hit in 2009, you were chief of the ER at Dell Children's. So this isn't your first rodeo. Is the U.S.—and Austin—ready for this pandemic?

A: Back then, we believed we were better prepared than we actually were.

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