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(Bob Daemmrich)

After months of speculation, a new report says political personality Beto O'Rourke is mulling a run for Texas governor that he will announce later this year.

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Gov. Greg Abbott drew criticism from saying he will "eliminate rape" in the wake of new abortion restrictions. (YouTube)

At a signing for Texas' newest voting laws Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott offered an ambitious—and perplexing—statement: in response to concerns that the state's newest abortion law would ban rape and incest victims from having access to abortions past six weeks, Abbott said he and the state would work to "eliminate rape."

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(Office of the Governor)

Gov. Greg Abbott says he will not impose another mask mandate, despite a rising number of COVID-19 cases across the state and Austin health officials asking all residents to wear masks.

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Sen. Ted Cruz is feeling the heat from multi-hyphenated talent Matthew McConaughey's rumored run for governor in 2022, saying the actor would pose a "formidable" challenge.

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