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(David Hale Smith/CC)

Even with COVID-19 keeping hundreds of people at home for the bulk of 2020, traffic deaths reached the highest point they had seen since 2015 and official sources are citing speeding as a major cause.

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Revel, the electric moped ridesharing service, announced it will be leaving Austin on Dec. 18.

"This decision was made after careful consideration, and it was not an easy one," the Brooklyn-based company wrote in a statement posted on its website.

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(Emma Freer/Austonia)

This year has proven to be a critical one for transit investment in Austin. Despite the pandemic, the metro welcomed its latest corporate resident, Tesla; received billions of dollars in state funding to expand I-35; and watched as city voters overwhelmingly approved Project Connect, which will transform the local transit system.

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Make sure to fill up your tank up on Thanksgiving, as gas prices are hitting a 12-year low.

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