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Wedged in between Austin and San Antonio, the city of San Marcos has seen immense growth in the past few decades as the area slowly molds into a metroplex. (Greater San Marcos Partnership/Facebook)

In 2013, as the city of San Marcos was recognized as the nation's fastest-growing city by the U.S. Census Bureau for the first time, journalist and entrepreneur Melissa Jewett knew a change was coming.

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The White House reports Texas may receive $26.9 billion toward federal highway programs. (Austonia)

President Joe Biden signed the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law Monday, which is expected to provide funding for local public transit, roads and the airport.

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Scoobi mopeds are the latest vehicle rental service headed to downtown Austin. (Scoobi)

Want scooter riding services out of the 'Lime'light?

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