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Adding to an eventful start to 2021, Central Texans experienced snow, bringing power outages, school closures and pictures of snowy Austin to social media.

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(Jeannette DeMario)

In a rare event only seen every so many years, Central Texas residents are experiencing the icy touch of snow—and they couldn't be happier.

Snowy weather is rolling through Austin after a storm dropped temperatures to the 30s. A winter weather advisory was put in place from early Sunday morning until midnight.

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Stormy weather is headed to the Austin area with snow expected Sunday, a weather advisory from the National Weather Service reports.

The storm is expected to hit Travis County early Sunday with the advisory in place until midnight the next day. Bastrop, Gillespie, Blanco and Hays counties will also be affected by the storm.

Temperatures will drop into the 30s tonight, with rain and possible snow into the morning.


Central Texas winds are expected to reach 15 mph today with gusts up to 30 mph. With the north-northwest heavy breeze, cedar pollen is expected to be on the rise this weekend.

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