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When Konstantin B., a vertical foundry ontologist working at Austin's Google offices, was told he would be working from home, he felt simultaneously safer and more inspired.

"Working from home has been a relief in the very real sense that it minimized my chances of getting infected," Konstantin says.

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Google productivity is down among its engineers during extended quarantine measures, especially among new hires, according to the tech giant's own internal measures.

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(The Zebra)

Maribeliz Ortiz, agency quality assurance coordinator at The Zebra, used her pet stipend to welcome home Niko, a miniature long haired dachshund.

Working from home just got better for employees of local insurance-comparison site The Zebra, with its new employee benefit that gives them a stipend to adopt a furry friend - the first employee benefit of its kind in the nation, the company said.

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