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The Model Y quality control room of Giga Texas was shown to Tesla shareholders during a Q3 call. (Tesla)

New filings with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation show Tesla plans to finish construction on its first phase of its new Gigafactory in southeast Travis County by year's end.

Tesla's filings, first reported by Electrek this week, match the electric vehicle company's plans to start production by the end of the year. A timeline on the other phases, which include the production of the cybertruck, have not been revealed yet.

So far the project totals at least $1.06 billion in costs. The budget includes the following facilities:

  • Body-in-white: $182 million
  • General assembly: $493 million
  • Paint: $126 million
  • Casting: $109 million
  • Stamping: $150 million

The factory, which Tesla has received a minimum of $14.7 million in tax breaks for, will start off with production of the Model Y, a mid-size SUV that has increased in price eight times this year. Up to 500,000 Model Y SUVs are expected each year from Austin's Gigafactory that will reportedly employ thousands of workers.

Later, the Model 3, Cybertruck, and Tesla Semi will be produced at the roughly 1,700-acre site near the Colorado River.

Tesla is also growing its Austin presence by moving its headquarters to the area. More details on whether the HQ will be on site of the Gigafactory have not been revealed.


(Texas Monthly)

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