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Tesla's headquarters could soon be near its Giga Texas location if the company relocates to Austin. (Jeff Roberts/Austin Tesla Club)

Tesla could be swapping the Silicon Valley for the Hill Country with reports that its headquarters may move to Austin, the tech hub where CEO Elon Musk currently partly resides.

With its shareholder meeting for the third fiscal quarter scheduled on Thursday from Austin, Business Insider reports it could be a sign of the shift in lieu of its usual Bay Area location.

Those tapped into Tesla news have seen a few other hints that the move may happen: two of its latest press releases this fall also came from Austin instead of their Palo Alto headquarters, leading some to speculate that the shift has occurred and just hasn't been announced.

The news comes after billionaire Musk moved himself and many of his operations to Texas after disagreements with the California government over Tesla's Fremont factory operating during the early pandemic days. In May of 2020, Musk publicly said he would move the company's "HQ and future programs to Texas/Nevada immediately."

He brought himself to the region in December of 2020 as construction of the Tesla factory in Southeast Travis County began. Dubbed Giga Texas, the plant will produce the company's Cybertruck and reportedly began producing test versions of the Model Y electric SUV in August.

Musk, who has dubbed Austin a "Little California," spends most of his time in a tiny 375-square foot home in Boca Chica, Texas, a tiny South Texas town being called "Starbase" by Musk; it is also the site of a SpaceX plant. According to a Musk's Jet Twitter account, Musk also makes frequent flights to Austin and is in town in time for the third quarter meeting.

Like many outpriced tech startups, Musk appears to be cutting ties with Silicon Valley in favor of the self-proclaimed "boomtown" of Austin.

Anyone can tune into the shareholders' call at 4 p.m. Thursday here.



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