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The Tesla Road sign will be put in place now that it has been approved. (Andrea Guzmán/Austonia)

Harold Green Road is now officially Tesla Road.

The Travis County Commissioners Court unanimously passed a request from Tesla on Tuesday to rename the road in front of the Gigafactory along Texas 130 in the county’s southeastern region. In previous weeks, a Tesla Road sign for exit 446 has stood without that road technically existing.

“This is just a road, not a tunnel?” Judge Andy Brown joked, referring to one of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s other ventures, the Boring Company, which is working on building underground tunnels.

During the meeting, it was noted there are plans to create a new Harold Green Road north of Giga Texas.

Anna Bowlin, division director of development services in the county, said she wasn’t aware of objections to the name change. “I have had some people reach out and tell me the history of Harold Green Road.”

The road name has existed since 1976, according to the Austin American-Statesman, and was named after a local dairy farmer and rancher who died in 1992.

Another key part of making the road name change, Bowlin said, was ensuring the name is unique and meets guidelines for 911 emergencies and approved by the City of Austin.

The $1.1 billion factory, which will likely start production of Texas-made Teslas in the coming days, now has the address of 13101 Tesla Road and Google Maps has been updated to reflect the change.


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