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'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' returns by Austin director for Netflix film

Four hipsters are the new target of Leatherface in the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” reboot. (Netflix/Legendary)

The horrors of the 1974 classic “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” are being resurrected in a sequel via Netflix, with Austin-based director David Blue Garcia pitting Leatherface against young hipsters, his newest prey.

The Bulgarian-shot film stars Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Nell Hudson and Jacob Latimore, playing a modern-day group of friends who venture too far away from the city and into the jaws of Leatherface, played by Mark Burnham, and his cannibal family. The movie, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” is set to be released on Feb. 18, 2022.

Netflix's official synopsis: “Melody (Yarkin), her teenage sister Lila (Fisher), and their friends Dante (Latimore) and Ruth (Hudson), head to the remote town of Harlow, Texas to start an idealistic new business venture. But their dream soon turns into a waking nightmare when they accidentally disrupt the home of Leatherface, the deranged serial killer whose blood-soaked legacy continues to haunt the area’s residents—including Sally Hardesty (Olwen Fouéré), the sole survivor of his infamous 1973 massacre who’s hell-bent on seeking revenge.”

Confirmed: Leatherface is canonically the same character in the new movie. (Netflix/Legendary)

Be prepared for horrifying sights that build on the original. (Bryanston Distributing Company)

“Me and my business partner Dante (Latimore) are these young hip people that come to this ghost town in Texas and try to get other people to come there and make it the next hip place to be,” Yarkin told Entertainment Weekly. “Our fatal flaw is that we ignore the history that came before us.”

The thriller has some horror veterans returning to the set: written and produced by director of 2013’s “Evil Dead” Fede Álvarez and screenwriter Rodo Sayagues, and produced by Kim Henkel, who was a co-writer on the original film.

The new version picks up years after the original, with Leatherface in hiding and “trying to be a good person,” according to Álvarez.

“These people arriving in this town are going to awaken the giant,” Álvarez said.

The movie may not follow all of the host of other sequels made to connect with “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and producers said that the franchise is a bit messy in terms of continuity, but it does tie directly to the original. Some of the movie may be up to your own interpretation!


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