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Mayor Steve Adler tells MSNBC he is concerned about a "second spike" in coronavirus cases.

Sales tax revenue for the state was, year-over-year, down 9% in April, according to the Texas Tribune.

Three Travis County parks were closed at various points over the weekend for overcrowding, KXAN reports.

A project to memorialize people who have died of COVID-19 began Saturday night, the Statesman says, in downtown Austin.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, and Eater has some ideas.


After two years of no in-person events, Austin festival South by Southwest has agreed to give 50% of ownership to P-MRC, a Los Angeles company that controls publishing operations for Rolling Stone and Billboard.

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APD captures suspect of domestic violence killing Stephen Broderick. (Austin Police Department/Twitter)

Stephen Broderick is now in police custody for a suspected domestic violence incident that killed three in northwest Austin on Sunday.

After initially being called an active shooting incident, joint local law enforcement and more than 75 FBI agents proceeded with an almost day-long manhunt with three helicopters and on-ground teams for former Travis County deputy Broderick. Police captured him after a 911 caller reported a suspicious man walking along U.S. 290, where he was taken into custody.

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(Hard Rock Stadium)

Formula 1 is returning to Florida for the first time since 1959, announcing that the brand-new Miami Grand Prix will join the calendar in 2022 and Austin will no longer be the only F1 race in the U.S.

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