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Mayor Steve Adler tells MSNBC he is concerned about a "second spike" in coronavirus cases.

Sales tax revenue for the state was, year-over-year, down 9% in April, according to the Texas Tribune.

Three Travis County parks were closed at various points over the weekend for overcrowding, KXAN reports.

A project to memorialize people who have died of COVID-19 began Saturday night, the Statesman says, in downtown Austin.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, and Eater has some ideas.


(Bob Daemmrich)

Austin City Clerk Jannette Goodall verified a petition to make four amendments to the city charter, including a shift to a strong-mayor form of government, moving it one step closer to the May 1 ballot.

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(Jordan Vonderhaar/Austonia)

People are often drawn to Austin because of things like job or housing opportunities, however, it's the city's deep connection with the nature surrounding it that keeps them here.

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