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(Claire Partain/Austonia file photo)

As Tropical Storm Nicholas makes landfall in Texas today, the sunny streak for Central Texas will come to an end with thunderstorms expected all week.

Moving through the Gulf of Mexico at around 5 mph, the storm is already grazing Texas' coastal cities; the center of the storm was just offshore of South Padre Island as of Monday morning. The storm is moving north, forecast to hit Lavaca and DeWitt counties with a lesser chance for Karnes, Gonzales and Fayette counties.

The storm is forecast to travel through East Texas, so Travis County and Central Texas are expected to face minimal impact, according to the National Weather Service.

However, that doesn't mean there won't be rain. At least a 30% chance for thunderstorms will linger all week. And with the rain comes a streak of cooler weather that will stay below 90 degrees through Friday.

Monday will see the highest chance of rain with 60% from 1-4 p.m. and winds at 20 mph; rainfall expected to accumulate to less than an inch. A 30% chance of rain is also likely at 4 a.m. tonight.

For a full forecast, click here.


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