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(Christa McWhirter/Austonia)

Trump supporters hold up extremist signs in front of the Texas Capitol.

As Congress met to certify the 2020 election votes on Wednesday, as laid out in the 12th Amendment, President Donald Trump supporters came out in droves to the Texas State Capitol.

Despite no evidence and the claims being shut down in over 50 cases across the country, hundreds of protesters showed up to contest the election results and, as they have since November, assert that it was "stolen."

(Christa McWhirter/Austonia)

Protesters decorated their cars with Trump regalia and well-known QAnon hashtags. They drove past the Capitol honking their car horns and people cheered along 11th Street.

(Christa McWhirter/Austonia)

Along the street, hundreds gathered in front of the Capitol with flags, signs and some with assault rifles. Minimally-armed Austin police officers were on the scene to facilitate a peaceful protest.

(Christa McWhirter/Austonia)

The protesters started gathering at the Capitol at noon and stayed until the evening hours. Most supporters had no masks at the event.

(Christa McWhirter/Austonia)

The Capitol grounds opened to the public, after months of closure, on Monday. A side gate was opened to allow Trump supporters to access the Capitol but the main gate was left with the same lock that has been there since May. As the U.S. Capitol went under lockdown, the Texas Capitol was closed mid-afternoon.

(Christa McWhirter/Austonia)

Many attendees of the rally live-streamed and recorded the sea of blue and red for their social media accounts.

(Christa McWhirter/Austonia)

While fights occurred into the afternoon when a small number of Joe Biden supporters showed up, no one was arrested in Austin.

Austin Trump supporters rally at Texas Capitol as U.S. Capitol is breached



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