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There's nothing Austinites look forward to more than South by Southwest, and this year, the annual event returns as a digital experience.

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(Colleen's Kitchen)

With cooler weather, political turmoil and rising COVID cases, comfort food—that you don't have to cook—is just what the doctor ordered. Whether you're craving some classic southern comfort or asian cuisine, Austin restaurants make staying home fun.

Here are 17 restaurants offering cozy takeout food.

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(Treasure City Thrift/Instagram)

Austin's thrift stores are the perfect place to visit if you're looking to save a couple of dollars, help local businesses and see first hand the city's personality.

Whether you're looking for a new statement chair for your home or a new dress to help kick off your new year, Austin thrift stores are here to help. Here are 12 Austin thrift stores you should visit:

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The new year is three days away, and New Year's Eve celebrations are here to help you celebrate.

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