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Raji Parameswaran and Kendra Wright are two vaccine helpers, otherwise known as vaccine angels.

That necessity breeds invention is never more true than in today's world, with regular Joes and Janes inventing creative measures to help their neighbors navigate the state's COVID-19 vaccine distribution process. And the results have been nothing short of "heavenly."

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Tony Iglesias (middle) has been helping people stuck on the icy hillside in front of his home, including psychiatric nurse Logan Adams (left), who was then given a ride to the hospital by Jeff Carpenter (right).

As Central Texans grapple with freezing temperatures, some neighbors have been elevated to 'Snow Angel' status, taking life-saving measures to rescue total strangers from troubles caused by the winter storm.

Need a smile? Read on.

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Central Texans line up at a drive-through clinic for COVID-19 vaccines at Kelly Athletic Stadium in Round Rock. (Bob Daemmrich)

Westlake-area resident Joan Skerry said she and her sister were excited to receive their first Moderna COVID-19 vaccines at a First Medical Response of Texas pop-up clinic on Jan. 2, held in the Dripping Springs Fire Department's parking lot. However, when their second shot deadline came and went last Saturday, Skerry feared the two would have to start the vaccine regimen anew.

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Zach Beyer administers the COVID-19 vaccine to Ed McMenemy as central Texans lined up at a drive-through clinic on Jan. 21. (Bob Daemmrich)

Austin health coach Jessica Clay has been trying to help an elderly friend find a COVID-19 vaccine—spending hours checking vaccine websites, logging in and refreshing the pages—in hopes that an appointment slot will open up.

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