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(Note: Austonia's publisher chooses five of the week's "most read" stories)

1. All adults (16-and-up) are now eligible for COVID vaccines, according to new state guidelines. But priority should still be to vaccinate those 80 and older.

All Texas adults will be eligible for a vaccine next week

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(Note: stories chosen by Austonia's publisher as the week's most impactful)

1. Austin's leaders are refusing to answer the question of how much the city's coal and nuclear plants contributed to the city's deep dreeze power mix.

Power switch: What Texas' deep freeze means for Austin Energy's move toward renewables

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(Graphic by Laura Figi)

You can't really ever go back, and we can't revive the days or the vibe or the "just right" Twitter and Facebook feeds of the Austinist.

But we've picked up what little is left, wrapped a blanket around it, given it a warm bath and a hot meal, and we're getting to know it.

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