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Rounding out the last-quarter corner of October, we are thrust toward the season of "the little death"—the sign of Scorpio—both inevitably transformational and potentially orgasmic.

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(Huang Guangjian)

Libra represents balance, and is symbolized by the 'scales'. The Sun's entry into Libra on Sept. 22, coincides with the Autumn Equinox which is a power point in the year. Equinox marks the moment of equal day and night. From here the nights will begin to grow longer, the days shorter, and we embark upon our journey leading to the threshold of the wintery underworld.

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The Earth Goddess at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. (Eric Yarnell/CC)

Editor's Note: This is a column written by Shannon Gill, an evolutionary astrologer and life coach who serves as president of the Austin Astrological Society. To learn more about her work, or to schedule a personal session, you may contact her at The column was edited by Russell von Ohlhausen.

Feeling like you're in a transition period? It could come down to the stars, according to astrologers including Austin Astrological Society President Shannon Gill.

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