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Brad Tillery wears his Verde keeper kit proudly after campaigning for its release. (Brad Tillery)

Two months ago, Austin FC superfan Brad Tillery embarked on a near-impossible quest for the elusive Verde keeper kit, a swirling, bright green jersey worn by standout goalie Brad Stuver.

"It immediately grabbed my attention," Tillery told Austonia. "I just posted, 'Where is this. I've got to get this.'"

Tillery posted a few pleas for the kit, including a haiku, before his wife, Kerry Tillery, joined in on the fun. Kerry, who had a following on Vine before its collapse, said she was eager to join in on the creative process.

"I've always been big into like sketch comedy," Tillery said. "It's just been a lot of fun, and it's something collaborative that we can do (since) we don't do too much together creatively."

Kerry Tillery was one of the first to receive the keeper kit after creating videos for its release. (Kerry Tillery)

On Day 19 of the noble mission, the Tillerys' work finally got recognition after a clip made by the pair, inspired by the popular "JG Wentworth commercials," went viral in the Austin FC Twitterverse. The other Brad, goalkeeper Brad Stuver, saw the post and agreed to send Tillery a keeper kit if he donated to Stuver's charity. A deal had been made, but the keeper kit wouldn't reach the Tillery's mailbox for over a month.

After 53 days of serenading the kit, editing the jersey into Star Wars scenes and the Kentucky Derby and (jokingly) putting the kit's release above their own marriage, it was finally released.

Club Owner Anthony Precourt announced that the kit would be sold at the Verde Store, followed by a video featuring Stuver at the store itself. Members of fan clubs Los Verdes and Austin Anthem quickly scrambled to the store to purchase the long-awaited kit, and the Austin FC account had to warn that supplies were already limited.

Tillery said he actually received word on the kit's release at the Colorado Rapids game by Stuver himself.

"I haven't actually ever spoken to him, except for a 10-second conversation," Tillery said. "After the game in Denver, we were yelling back and forth, so I had an inkling that it was going to happen."

A month of silence followed, and Stuver shipped him the official kit two days before its announcement. When the kit finally arrived Saturday, Tillery said he felt "like a kid in a candy store."

It may seem like just another piece of Verde merch, but the Verde kit campaign has turned into a rallying cry. The Tillerys have been supported by Los Verdes, Austin Anthem, La Murga and Oak Army New Braunfels as the quest continued to gain traction.

Most importantly, however, the keeper kit has helped raise money for Brad Stuver's charity, The Laundry Project. Stuver and his wife, Ashley, brought their former charity to Austin with a goal of helping Austinites pay for laundromat fees, and Tillery made sure to shout out the charity that started it all in his final video on Monday.

"I thought it was important to do something for the community," Tillery said. "We're seeing people actually already donate today, and that's going to go to help people in our community who have to go to laundromats... just a small expense for it to be taken care of."

With a final, Breakfast Club-esque clip, Tillery raised his fist triumphantly in the keeper kit itself, his campaign finally a success.


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