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(Laura Figi/Austonia)

After storms rolled in last night, the Austin area is expected to mostly clear up and return to the mild summer it's been having the rest of the week.

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After a cooler-than-average summer, the Texas heat is back with 100-degree weather forecasted this week.

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It's shaping up to be another rainy week in Austin, racking up the flow of unusual weather seen in the Hill Country since summer began.

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Expansive swimming and hiking options are available just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Austin city life. (Preserve at Travis Creek/Facebook)

Swimming pools have plenty to offer in this relentless summer heat, but there's just something so Austin about swimming holes in Central Texas that keeps locals coming back for more.

From hideaways within city limits to Wimberley's famous bottomless well, here's a dozen swimming holes to dip into this summer.

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